David and Brian left today and we could not be any happier with Moms new bathroom. I understand the time it took was longer than anyone anticipated, the work they did was much greater than anticipated!!  Both of them helped my mother gain some independence she lost because of a botched surgery. The last 9 months have been very hard. If not for Kim I’m pretty sure we would still be waiting on DHS. If we every get the money I would want your company to make the kitchen accessible for her also. She misses cooking and after seeing the bathroom there is no one we have ever worked with as good as your group. Everyone we came into contact with was kind, courteous, and caring. Special thank you to Kim for making it happen, David and Brian saw for themselves how much this meant to all of us. What impressed me the most, the job was done right. No cutting corners, no making it work, taking the time to make sure this is a room she will be able to use for years to come. Thank you, Sir, for the company you have created. — Shelley Giese

Just a note to let you know how pleased I was with the service I received. In this day and age good customer service is often hard to find, and I feel it is important that it be recognized. To the entire staff of Presidential Conversions, thank you for your commitment to good customer service. Keep up the good work! — Mandy

My husband and I recently had a lift installed on our car and later ended up buying a used van equipped to help my handicapped husband. We were so impressed with your company, the personal attention we received, and the friendliness of your staff. We have nothing but good feelings for your company, and assure you that we will pass the word on to all that are interested. It’s a joy to work with companies like yours who go out of your way to make satisfied customers. — Jo

Thank you all for getting our van back on the road. You are all very much appreciated! I have no doubt without your intervention I would have had a major problem and a big bill. Your staff should be commended on their honesty and integrity. — Olivia

On June 28, 1973, while serving in the United States Air Force, I was injured resulting in a complete and permanent dislocation of the spine (level T11/T12).  Since that time, I have spent my life as a paraplegic totally dependent on mobility equipment (i.e., wheelchair, hand controls, accessible vehicles, shower chairs, etc.).

After the Air Force retired me in 1973, my family and I lived in the central Arkansas area for 21 years.  Although the Veteran’s Administration has provided me with whatever adaptive equipment I needed to maintain an active lifestyle, comprehensive care, maintenance and repair of that equipment by a single qualified provider was not available, or the provider would be in business for a short time and then be gone.  Being totally dependent on mobility equipment necessitates having a service provider that is competent, reliable and dedicated to their clients.  In 1991, I moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas and found that provider in a company named Presidential Conversions.

For the past 24 years, John Wilson, founder and CEO of Presidential Conversions, and his professional, competent and friendly staff have provided me with a sense of comfort and security I did not have before.  I know that if my wheelchair accessible van, wheelchair or any other mobility related item should break down , John, or one of his staff, is only a phone call away.  I have been known to call them from as far as two states away for guidance on how to overcome an issue.  While here at home, if I have a problem, they are ALWAYS right here, even if it’s just a loose battery cable.

If I am purchasing a new vehicle, looking for adaptive equipment, or just needing advice, I just need to make one phone call or make one visit to Presidential Conversions.  When I do, I know I’m going to receive fair, timely, and completely competent service and that I’m going to made to feel that I’m part of the Presidential Family. — Montie

To everyone at Presidential Conversions, thank you. Each and every one of you had a hand in changing my husband’s life in such a powerful way! We feel truly blessed to have found you and to be part of the Presidential family. Be proud of your job, everyday! Most people can’t make the impact on others that you do, just by showing up. Thank you – for your skills, your kindness, your flexibility and your friendship. What a blessing you are!!– Christina Grubman Cox