Honda Odyssey Conversion Minivan
The Honda Odyssey conversion minivan with the VMI Northstar conversion is the industry's best side entry, lowered floor premium conversion minivan. The Honda Odyssey has been handed down many awards, including the IntelliChoice "Best Overall Van of the Year". By taking the best-in-class minivan and modifying it with the finest conversion available; we are giving you the best of both worlds. The Honda Odyssey packs a 244-hp engine that propels it to the head of the class; and the latest innovative Honda engineering at its core. The VMI Northstar conversion has long been viewed as the leader in the lowered floor conversion minivan industry for both quality and reliability, and is time tested with over 12 years in service.

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El Dorado Amerivan
The ELDORADO NATIONAL conversion of the General Motors and Chrysler minivans results in a unique, lowered-floor design for transporting mobility-challenged individuals. The Amerivan® features self-adjusting ride height, a powered sliding door, either a manual or a powered folding ramp and fixed or removable front and middle seats. Additionally, Amerivan® offers Six-Way Power Seats in front or Quad-Seating for the front and middle areas..

  • 12" lowered floor (stainless steel)
  • Removable front seat
  • Automatic OEM load-leving air suspenion OR OEM spring suspension: (spring suspension conversion not recommended for travel at maximum GVWR)
  • 56" Sliding door height (left & right)
  • 54" Fold-out, swing-away ramp
  • Q'Straint wheelchair restraint track right-front & center location

Entervan by Braun
The Entervan's accessible features are designed to blend seemlessly into the original design of the Chrysler or GM minivan. In fact, you'll find the Entervan to be virtually indistinguishable from other minivans on the road. But, as you'll see, the touch of a button quickly reveals what makes the Entervan special.

  • Remote Keychain
  • Auto Kneel
  • Auto Ramp
  • Dual Power Sliding Doors
  • Power Liftgate

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RAMPVAN by Braun
The completely redesigned Toyota Sienna is the perfect minivan for mobility conversion. After an extensive survey of the mobility industry, Toyota chose Braun as its exclusive partner to create mobility vans. The Sienna Rampvan combines the unparalleled quality, dependability, and reliability of a Toyota vehicle with the dedication to safety, design and long-term value of a Braun conversion.

With its roomy interior, wide sliding doors, and generous overall dimensions, the Sienna is big on both space and features. In spite of its size, however, the Toyota Sienna is economical on gas. It's also the only minivan in the US to meet ULEV II (Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle) standards. The Sienna has been rated "best minivan" by such industry giants as J.D. Power & Associates, Consumer Reports, and Car and Driver.

Vantage Mobility
The VMI Mini Van Conversion is built with the active lifestyle in mind. It offers the ease and reliability of a lowered-floor and a ramp system, plus the luxury and peace of mind of some of the top names in the auto industry.

  • Remote control operation
  • 10" lowered floor conversion
  • Patented in-floor ramp system
  • PowerKneel system to lower the vehicle for easy entry
  • Simple One-Touch operation
  • 3 year/36,000 mile warranty

Viewpoint Mobility
The focus of our product line is the Vision™ modification. It is a rear entry modification with lowered floor. The floor is lowered approximately 8 inches, and combined with kneeling, results in an entrance height from the ground of only 6 inches. The Vision™ modification can be installed on all Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors minivan chassis.

The Vision™ is the ideal vehicle for a family that wishes to include a wheelchair user in their day-to-day travel plans.

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